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""We puchased TB Pro Studio yesterday and I have just installed it and had a quick play. I am rarely impressed with graphics software and have lost count at how many have disappointed me because they are just reinventions of the same wheel so to speak but even for the few minutes I've had chance to use it I am seriously impressed! It is great to see some lateral thinking, new ideas and all made so easy to use. I'm looking forward to having some time using it fully over the weekend.

"Terrific program, thank you, well worth the money!"

"Many Standard Tools/brushes are better and more convenient than in Photoshop!"

"That's it. I've found my new paint program. I can't even begin to tell you what a gem this program is. No paint program - and I mean none, has ever let me paint digitally the same way I used to paint and draw on canvas and paper. I'll be selling my copy of Painter X to the highest bidder on eBay."

"This last week I downloaded TwistedBrush, started fiddling with it and in less then 10 minutes I had placed an order!..."

"I just downloaded a demo of your program. Fantastic!"

"I just purchased TwistedBrush. I've tried the demo and find it a wonderful program and much more understandable than Painter!"

"Play with the program a lot... registered user now. It's fun."

"Pixarra has one of the best brush engines today, Painter 8 included. (I own Painter 8 and several other good painting apps.)"

"I very much like the scripting feature in 2.60! simple && elegant. and the implementation of the eyedropper tool is funny. i like that you do things differently but intuitively for people that like to draw. keep up the great work!"

"I just downloaded the demo of this program and I cant say how great this is. I am just a normal person that loves to sketch and paint, due to health problems I had to give up some of the mediums i have always enjoyed. This has made it possible for me to enjoy that freedom again. I had bought a couple of programs that I had no idea how to use, even the tutorials were confusing...hehe...This is wonderful, I cant say enough about it."

"I will be honest in telling you that I have never in 12 years of searching, found an art program that does as nice a job as yours!!!!"

"I downloaded the system one day next I bought it.What's funny is that if I had not messed up completely my art dabbler (2 year old) I would not have found this. I am overwhelmed with the possibilities."

"I really, really enjoy your software!  There are endless possiblities for making whatever picture you desire.   Thank you so much for making this wonderful program."

"Wow TwistedBrush is really a great piece of software."

"I can't get over how powerful this software is!"

"I downloaded the demo of this program and purchased it in less then 24 hours. Fantastic features. I used to paint all the time, but got out of the hobby years ago. This definitely renews my interest. I really like the tracing paper feature (only used it once so far but it has great possiblities). The more I use the program, the more I like it. Bye bye, Adobe, Corel and Ulead. They'll be relegated to simple photo touchups."

"I have been doing art work, for many years. 65 to be exact. I just received this program and am having so much fun , with it.  It is so easy to work. Thank you for a great piece of work."

"I just want to say this is the coolest art program EVER!"

"Awesome, awesome, awesome! you are just outdoing your self everytime time you upgrade. I am so happy with your twisted brush"

"Keep up the great products Twisted brush is formost the best program I've ever come across"

"I teach Corel Painter online, and I have been working with it for about 10 years, so I am seeing some of the similarities. I think it is a matter of getting myself acquainted with the software, but Ken, I really enjoy it. Your textures and papers are so realistic and far beyond Corel Painter."


Here is a nice review of TwistedBrush Pro Studio on DownloadMix
In German
Goolge translated to English

This is a wonderful introduction to TwistedBrush that appears in the CompuQuickTips newsletter.  It captures the spirit of our software as easy to start using and fun too and is written by Mrs. Wizard, Cindy O'Neal. Here are the important links!
TwistedBrush Article has a overview and review ot TwistedBrush. TwitsedBrush Pro Studio Review

A review TwistedBrush 7.0 by Simon Baillie from the Shareware Junkies website.

A short review of TwistedBrush Pro Studio by 3d2f



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