In early 2003 software engineer and artist, Ken Carlino, disillusioned with the current graphic software that was available set out to create a digital pastel program for his personal use. Upon completing the first private  version of this program it was obvious that the underlying brush engine was something special and unique in the field of digital art. It was then decided to widen the scope of the program to cover the range of natural artist media and make it available for sale.

Pixarra was founded in July of 2003 by Ken Carlino as a privately owned software company with a goal to create digital art tools that are both fun and easy to use and to leverage the power of technology to remain agile and profitable company every year.  The first product offering was Pixarra Sketchbook 1.0. and was sold with a lifetime license for the early adopters.

Over the next 5 years Pixarra Sketchbook was renamed to TwistedBrush and later to TwistedBrush Pro Studio. With the introduction of the Brush Effects system in version 2.3, the brush engine in TwistedBrush became arguably the most powerful and versatile digital paint system in existence. Add in the general image editing and photo editing features and TwistedBrush has become a well rounded digital art powerhouse.

In 2009 Pixarra was incorporated and became Pixarra Inc. The focus and mission remains the same and the flagship product of TwistedBrush Pro Studio continues to carry the company forward. Ownership of Pixarra Inc remains with Ken Carlino whom is both President and CEO, and on a daily basis digs in at the lowest level editing code.

Today TwistedBrush Pro Studio continues to receive aggressive updates and improvements both as refinements to existing features and introducing new way to create art and edit images of all types.




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